Mercola on Thermography: “it’s cheaper, safer and more accurate”

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to provide some information regarding a new and improved breast cancer screening test which was being touted somewhere in the South of England.  It transpires that the new test was in fact our old friend Thermography, an apparently cheaper, safer and more accurate way to screen for breast cancer.

When someone claims that something is cheaper, safer and more accurate than the current technology than they better have some good evidence to back it up.  This company definitely does not have that but they do have a link to an outrageous document from the Mercola group explaining how and why Thermography is superior to other screening methods.

The document is 16 pages of, to put it politely, fucking bullshit.  But there are some real comedic gems amongst the drivel which I thought were worth sharing.  Oh and if you fancy reading about Dr Mercola, founder of Mercola group, there’s some interesting info here, here and here.

First page of the Mercola evidence book hits you with some straight hard facts:


Yes, well I’m sure there’s a reason why your Doctor isn’t telling you about Thermography, and it’s not because it’s cheaper, safer or more accurate.

Only one paragraph in and they think it’s suitable to just toss this bit in:


I thought this about cancer detection but you know, nothing like some pointless statements to help with the scam.

So onto the evidence:


Impressive.  Shame no reference has been supplied so I can’t find out if this is true or not.

Then some even more impressive stats and figures – again no references.  I would particularly like to see the evidence that thermography is the ‘single most important indicator of high risk of breast cancer’.


Wait – there’s more:

5Another bold claim with no reference.  And then in classic SCAM fashion – here’s a load of bollocks about how long thermal imaging has been around for and ignored by the medical community:6Hippocrates thought it so it must be true.


Hippocrates also came up with the 4-humours theory to explain how the human body worked and he was wrong about that.

8So what? What has this got to do with the evidence for Thermography??

Mercola supply a nice explanation of how much screening costs the US government:


But then they seem to shoot themselves in the foot by saying:

10So at a cost of $150 per breast scan we would expect cost to the US government to be $9.75 billion dollars per year.


Based on the evidence supplied by Mercola, Thermography is:

Cheaper? NO

Safer? NO

More accurate? NO


And we couldn’t finish without a good conspiracy now could we?








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